Having around 9 million speakers worldwide, Hebrew is quite a popular language. There could be many reasons why someone would look to translate Hebrew to English.

You could be a dedicated student of the world religion and need to make a comparison of the Bible or Torah in its translated form with its original Hebrew version. Or you could be a young entrepreneur looking to start a business in Israel or you could simply be a casual person with no such motive but to have a passion for learning the history of Israel and translate Hebrew to English language.

Whatever your reason to learn Hebrew may be, there are many benefits that come with learning Hebrew. However, Hebrew being one of the oldest languages of the world comes in more than one dialect. This means that you need to be very careful when making a selection for your translator.

This guide will help you look for the qualities that are necessary to translate Hebrew to English for accurate translations and professional work.

Qualities of a Translator For Hebrew Language Translation to English

  • Expertise in writing Hebrew

This is extremely important to look for in a translation or translation company before hiring a translator. The translator should be well aware of the script of languages, Hebrew and English and have a flair in writing these languages.

This will ensure that the translated document leaves a positive impact on its audience. Having a firm hold on both languages means that the translator will read the document translate in Hebrew to English, analyze it and then rewrite it in the English language, changing some of the words of the original text but always keeping the meaning the same.

Doing this means that the audience will fully believe the document and take it seriously as it will be professional and will not just give the impression of a mere word to word translated piece of paper.

Moreover, the document, when properly translated after analysis, will surely convey the message of the original document clearly, eliminating any possibility of miscommunication because of a language barrier.

  • Fully aware of both cultures 

The significance of having cultural knowledge by the translator lies in the fact that often documents written in the Hebrew language will assume that the reader is well aware of the social norms of that area. The same is the case for English. When translating a document, these assumptions can create problems and hence errors in the translated document.

To avoid such kind of miscommunication and bridge the gap between two different mind sets it is beneficial to choose a translator that has a fair knowledge of both Jewish as well as English culture.

  • Expertise in a certain area of the subject

Translators are often experts in one particular subject. This is because when people look for Hebrew language translation to English, they need more than translation. They need translations of a certain type of document; for example, a legal document or medical document.

To translate such kinds of technical documents, a translator needs more than just the knowledge of the language. Their understanding should be more so that they can process what each sentence means and not get confused by the technical terms used in such documents that a normal person might be unaware of.

Some of the examples of such technical documents that require the expertise of the translator in a particular subject include:

  • Medical Documents

Translating medical documents requires technical and medical knowledge. The translator should be well aware of different terms used by the doctors which are not known to common people and should also be aware of the alternatives of these words in the English language from Hebrew.

When it comes to translation of medical documents, extra caution should be made when selecting a translator as even slight errors can cause somebody their life.

Some common medical documents that need translation include; medical reports, clinical agreements, case report forms, manuals for medical devices, prescriptions, etc.

  • Legal Documents 

This is another very common niche that requires the translation of Hebrew to Arabic. People who migrate to or from Israel, businessmen looking to expand or start their business in Israel, etcetera often require such services.

Before hiring someone to translate your legal documents, make sure you do quick but detailed research on their capabilities in the legal aspect. Their translators should have some prior experience in the legal field and be well aware of the legislature.

Legal documents often come with deadlines and very hefty repercussions. Therefore it is vital that the translator or translation company you select should be professional.

This means that they are fully equipped and capable of working on time and even handling emergency situations in case of short deadlines by the court. Moreover, they should be well known in the market and have a reputation so that the chances of making errors in translation are minimal.

When it comes to translating legal documents from Hebrew to English, it is very easy to make careless mistakes. This is because legal documents contain a lot of different technical terms that are often mishandled in translation. This can lead to very catastrophic outcomes and so errors in this field must be avoided at all costs.

Some common legal documents used in translation include marriage contract, divorce contract, migration certificate, business contract, visa, etc.

  • Business Documents

These include annuals reports, website content, PRs, loans, business expansion proposals, etc.

  • Excellent research capabilities
  • Regardless of the knowledge and experience of any translator, there will always be a piece of text that will be out of the knowledge of the translator or require more detail than is known.

This means that a translator should have excellent research capabilities. Let it be a dictionary or Google, a good translator will always know all the shortcuts and his way around to do the right amount of research.


There are many people that require translate Hebrew to English and many translators that can offer these services. However, one must do his research and know all the qualities of a good translator before hiring one for the best results.