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ASLT is one of the best legal translation companies in the UAE. We also have offices in Bur Dubai, Deira, JLT, and Sheikh Zaid Road. We’ve been servicing in translation and interpretation services for over 12 years.

Are you in Dubai and looking for a legal translation office near me? Search ‘ASLT’ in Google search and Google places. We assure top standards by providing official translation with the best rates and timelines.

Al Syed Legal Translation (ASLT) is a Certified Legal Translation Company in the UAE. ASLT is also duly recognized by:

All Government Departments;

  • Ministry Of Justice;
  • Ministry Of Foreign Affairs;
  • Courts Of UAE;
  • Embassies;
  • Ministry Of Education;
  • RTA;
  • Banks;
  • Dubai Municipality;
  • 100s of Official Government Entities within & outside the UAE.

Furthermore, we’re registered by the world’s top linguistic entities with our legal translators. Their association also entitles us the most trusted translation company. Our worth is duly admitted by top ranked global entities.

Legal Translation Dubai

Legal Translation Dubai is a combination of expert legal translators and interpreters have proven track records. They have top-level learning and achievements during their studies. They also have extensive training workshops and practical expertise as part of their career growth.

At ASLT, we’re known as the leading legal translation company in Dubai. We provide industry standard translation and interpretation services. Our Ministry of Justice approved legal translators and interpreters perform extensive and thorough translation services.

Why You Need Certified Legal Translation Dubai?

Since Arabic is the national language of the UAE. It’s also the language of all government and official bodies of the UAE. Therefore, when you are required to submit documents to any UAE government body, they will need to be in Arabic. Contact us for the legal translation of documents in Arabic.

For submission in courts, people need Ministry of Justice approved legal translation Dubai. For example, you may need to present as a plaintiff in court. If that is the case, you’ll also need to submit all supporting documents in Arabic.

For example, the defendant may not clear payment in respect of services or supplies. As a result, the plaintiff must present the relevant documents legally translated into Arabic, such as invoices, purchase orders, quotations, supply notes, and sales and purchase agreement. The plaintiff may also need other documents as per their industry standard.

You may also receive a bounced cheque from someone in exchange of services. In this case, you can file a police charge against the cheque issuer. However, you must have the cheque translated into Arabic by a sworn translation office in Dubai. After the certified translation, the client can proceed to take the required legal action.

Why Certified Legal Translation Dubai ?

As everybody knows, Arabic is a national language of UAE. It is also the written language of all the governmental/ministerial bodies of UAE. Therefore, if you are planning to submit your documents in any of the government body of UAE, you will have to get them legally translated in Arabic.

Ministry of Justice approved legal translation Dubai is widely seen to be done for submission in court amid litigation cases. For example, if you are acting in a capacity of plaintiff, you will need to submit all the supporting documents to make your case stronger. For example, if the defendant has not cleared payment in respect of the services or supplies, plaintiff will get all the relevant documents legally translated into Arabic, such as invoices, purchase orders, quotations, delivery notes, sales and purchase agreement and any other document as per their industry standard.

Similarly, if you received a cheque from someone in exchange of cash or services, and the respective cheque has been bounced back due to insufficient funds in the issuer account, you can file a police case against the cheque issuer. However, you will need t​​o get the cheque officially translated into Arabic by a sworn translation office in Dubai. Once the certified translation is done, the beneficiary can proceed to take necessary legal action.

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Which Language Translation We're offering @ Al Syed Legal Translation Company in Dubai, UAE ?

We provide Legal translation certified from Ministry of Justice in following language pairs: 

✍ French to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to French legal translation
✍ German to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to German legal translation
✍ Italian to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to Italian legal translation
✍ Spanish to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to Spanish legal translation
✍ Chinese to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to Chinese legal translation
✍ Russian to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to Russian legal translation
✍ Turkish to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to Turkish legal translation
✍ Farsi to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to Farsi legal translation

ASLT provides legal translation for verities of purposes, highlighting few of them here under:

⚑ Russian legal translation approved in Russian Consulate / Embassy
⚑ Chinese legal translation approved in Chinese Consulate / Embassy
⚑ Italian legal translation approved in Italian Consulate / Embassy
⚑ French legal translation approved in French Consulate / Embassy
⚑ German legal translation approved in German Consulate / Embassy
⚑ Turkish legal translation approved in Turkish Consulate / Embassy
⚑ Spanish legal translation approved in Spanish Consulate / Embassy
⚑ Farsi legal translation approved in Persian Consulate / Embassy

We would like to highlight the official places where accredited legal translation is essential and we provide the same for such purposes:

❂ Legal translation for RTA
❂ Legal translation for Ministry of Labour
❂ Legal translation for Court
❂ Legal translation for Ministry of Justice
❂ Legal translation for Ministry of Foreign Affairs
❂ Legal translation for Municipality
❂ Legal Translation for Department of Economic Development
❂ Legal translation for DNRD or UAE Visa immigration
❂ Legal translation for Land Department
❂ Other governmental/ministerial bodies

In order to validate your legal documents in above departments, you need to get them legally translated in Arabic by a legal translation office based in UAE, duly registered in the Ministry of Justice. We would like to reiterate and highlight the fact that Al Syed Legal Translation is an accredited legal translation office, after having passed the examination of legal translation by its qualified and approved legal translators.

Our translation is accepted in all above mentioned departments. Above all, we ensure to execute the legal translation of your documents with 100% accuracy and perfectness and carry out the process of proofreading and quality-checks by a second senior legal translator and reviewer.

Which Legal documents must be translated by a Certified Legal Translation Company in Dubai, UAE

✌ Legal Translation of Birth Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Death Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Declaration of Marital Status
✌ Legal Translation of Marriage Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Divorce Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of School Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of College Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Academic/University Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Driving Licenses
✌ Legal Translation of Identification Cards
✌ Legal Translation of Passports
✌ Legal Translation of Lost Passport certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Criminal Clearance Records
✌ Legal Translation of Police Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Character Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Residence Permit
✌ Legal Translation of  your affidavit
✌ Legal Translation of  Legal notice & Court Documents


We provide French Legal Translation (duly accredited by the Ministry of Justice, Embassies & the Courts of UAE). Have you ever wondered what goes into the preparation for a French Legal translation? It is a craft that few translations agencies in Dubai have mastered.

ASLT has produced great quality translation, thanks to its professional French legal translation team. Before any translation process begins, we take the first step in the identification of the best suitable french legal translator who has perfect mastery of both French and the second language.

The second is to ensure the correct interpretation of the document if it is a technical one. ASLT employ the experience and expertise of a professional in the field e.g. legal, medical, technical & commercial etc.

During the translation process, most technical issues such as grammatical correctness, sentence structure flow and coherence of the final work are also main center of attention for ASLT for which purpose the final translated content is assigned to top editing & proofreading team.


We offer Russian Legal Translation (duly accredited by the Ministry of Justice, Embassies & the Courts of UAE)

You can never understand every language but you can seek the help of language professionals such as ASLT to overcome these challenges. For example, if you have your legal documents such as contracts, lawsuits or certificates in Russian language and such documents are required to be submitted for any official purposes in any government department or ministries within Dubai or United Arab Emirates,

It is essential that such documents should be legally / officially translated in English or Arabic & ASLT has been maintaining these facilities to all such clients and set their ways open by removing such hurdles.

We can process all types of documents from Russian to English and English to Russian or Russian to over 100 languages and not only that we ensure the documents are delivered on time, securely and without errors.

With top law savvy translators working for our company as legal translators, you will get nothing short of perfectly translated documents – at the most competitive rates. Owing to the nature of legal documents, we treat all documents with uttermost confidentiality and guarantee both physical and virtual security to our clients property.

We also have translators who are specialized in the drafting of POAs, articles of association, agencies agreements, employment contracts and all other contracts and agreement in consultation with very professional and wide experienced lawyers and legal advisors.


Our translation coordinators appoints a suitable legal translator pursuant to the specialty of the documents. So, if you are a lawyer, advocate or legal advisor and desirous to accomplish your clients legal projects translated properly and accurately in order to strengthen the winning chances of your clients’ cases, we shall always be considered a best choice to conduct a specialized legal translation for your documents.

Our translators have an intense knowledge of all types of legal terminologies by using highly standard legal specialized dictionaries by means of which they ensure the production of exact meaning of the translated documents as well as have an understanding of the civil, criminal, companies, personal, labour, residency and naturalization, families laws and regulations which are applied within the UAE and throughout the world.

Our translation coordinators shall always evaluate context of your document is, and in what circumstances it will be used in. By doing this, we can accurately match the translators with the correct legal knowledge and experience to your translation.

We're Specialize in following Legal Translation Services

Memorandum & Articles of Association ★ Annual Financial Reports ★ Special Power of Attorneys ★ General Power of AttorneysSales & Purchase AgreementsCourts JudgmentsCivil & Commercial Laws for all countriesCommercial/Performa InvoicesPurchase OrdersCompanies ChequesCommercial Lease AgreementsBid of QuotationsPersonal AgreementsLoan agreementsAuditors ReportsLegal NoticesSummonsMemorandum of UnderstandingLocal Service Agent AgreementsMinutes of MeetingConfidential AgreementsProposalsBank LettersAcknowledgement ReceiptsNotificationsSales and marketing agreementsStatement of Accounts and 1000+ types of legal documents.

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