Translation in Dubai now offers Translation in Deira, certified translation for files, records, and documents pertaining to agencies and departments. We have a team of experienced translators who are authorized by the Ministry of Justice and can perform legal translation effectively. The translators with us are categorized into legal, sworn, certified, and official. Furthermore, we are sponsored by a translation company in Dubai, UAE. The translators associated with us have passed a test held by the Ministry of Justice, after which they are declared as certified experts and are given the certified card. For every translation performed by the certified translators, it gets accredited all over Dubai and changes the status of translation office to that of a legal translation company.

If you are looking out for translation services in Deira, then we are here to support you at every stage and will make sure that you get the best services from the top legal experts. Our team is highly committed and can provide you customized legal translation right at your doorstep. We are sure that you will not be disappointed after taking our services. Read further to know more about what we have to offer:

Format of legal translation that we provide:

We provide sworn translation in legal translation services, which has the Dubai company letterhead.

We attach both the source and target files as one translation set.

The entire set comes with a set of pages which are sealed by a legal stamp that has the credentials of our company.

How to get your legal translation by Al Syed Legal Translation (ASLT)?

  • Getting the Legal translation completed by us is an extremely simple and safe process as all you need to do is the following:
  • Email us at ([email protected]) for inquiries
  • Attach the document that you want to translate in PDF, JPG, DOCX, or any other format that is accessible. Share the details that you want in your translation document.
  • Note down two languages in which you want to document to be translated. For instance, t can be English to Arabic or French to Arabic.
  • Provide us with the final deadline, for example, whether you want it in one day or two days.
  • Once our expert translators receive your email, you will get a quote immediately where it would be confirmed that your document is ready to be translated.
  • If you’re happy with the quote, we will receive a message indicating we have started working on the legal translation process.
  • When we are done with the translation, we will notify you by email or phone. Our experts will also discuss the collection plan with you, who will provide you with a certified copy of the translation.
  • You can always consult us back if you need revisions or changes in the document so that you receive the accurate work.

What makes us the best Legal translation providers in Dubai?

At Al Syed legal translation, we have a team of legal professionals who are highly dedicated with expertise in legal translation and can help you with every little detail related to the legal documentation. We are serving in this industry for over 10+ years now and have received positive feedback from the people over the course of time. Our prime focus is to help out people with different kinds of translations related to their website, driving license, medical services, technical assistance, and much more. Feel free to contact us at any time, and we will provide you immediate assistance in no time. In addition to that here are some of the reasons why you should seek out our services:

  • High-quality translations by experts who are established in this industry
  • Professional assistance for every little detail for the translation that you want
  • Affordable costs which are equally competitive in the market
  • We are specific about the deadlines and put hard work and efforts to make sure that you get the best results
  • Certified team of experts who are authorized to work as professional translators.

If you are tired of looking out for translation services in UAE, which are credible and would work wonders for your company, then we have the best team of experts who will continuously provide you the best assistance at all costs.

Services Provided by Us

Legal translation can only be done by experts, and we help you bridge the gap by connecting you with the most qualified translators who can get the work done in no time. You can get your hands on the legal translation services in the following areas:

Accredited Legal Translation

Arabic is the national language of UAE, and most of the government and ministerial bodies in UAE use this language for communication. If you want to submit your documents in the government bodies of UAE, we will provide the services that would help you to get the documents translated legally. Legal translation Dubai which is approved by the Ministry of Justice is considered to be important for submission in court litigation cases. You will need to submit all the documents in order to make your case stronger. Documents translated into Arabic, such as purchase orders, quotations, delivery notes, sales, and purchase agreements, need to be as per the industry standards and should be handled carefully. We provide you expert help to get your work done immediately.

Professional Translation

Get error-free professional translation from a team of experts who are highly dedicated and are qualified and well experienced. They have various industry backgrounds and provide you with the most accurate and perfect translation as per the industry standards. We will make sure that you get assistance from experienced translators and interpreters and get your work done with utmost accuracy. We are sure that we will add value to your final target, management, and product so that you do not face issues at the later stages. We have a strong framework where we ensure to provide you great skill, care, and efficiency in the translations that we do.

Technical Translation

Under this, we translate technical documents, which include guides, manuals, patents, installation, tender documents, brochures, and more. The extensive management, translation, and publishing resources that we provide are highly useful and would benefit you when you are marketing your product. We have experienced translators and editors who belong to various backgrounds and are well aware of the best practices that go into making excellent documents. We will ensure consistency and accuracy in the work that we will provide you. You will also be able to apply standardized rules of the target language, leaving no room for a poorly translated document. You will get a comprehensive report of the technical translation so that it is easily understandable and can be used referred to later on.

Driving License Translation

If you are shifting places and want to convert your driving license in UAE, then we will surely help you out with the task. The RTA official authorities of UAE need proper documentation of the driving license so that they can allow you to ride within UAE. It is important that you get a proper legal translation so that it would be easier for you to go to the driving school. There is no need to show your driving capabilities if you already one from the other country. However, you will need a professional translator to ensure that your driving license meets the standards of UAE government, after which it would become easier for you to travel around the country.

Commercial Translation

We provide commercial translation to those who are looking out for planning out marketing strategy, launching new products and services in UAE. Our team of experienced professionals would make sure that you get the best assistance and get the highest quality commercial translation services that are within the budget and deadlines. We are sure that you receive the possible guidance and would be able to get your work done by experts who will ensure that you get the best content and translation material that would enhance your brand name. Reach out to us if you want to know more about the commercial translation services that we have to offer.

Medical Translation

Medical translation is essential if you want to translate medical terminologies. It is necessary if you want to get your medical insurance or other documents related to the medical field. You can always seek our professionals for modifications, alterations, revisions, proofreading, amendments, quality-checks, or even translation. We will make sure that the final document that you receive is completely satisfying and would meet the industry standards to the fullest. We also provide discounts for medium and large-sized projects, which is a complete win-win situation for the companies. You will save a lot of money on the go and would get your work done with complete perfection.

Advertising Translation

Translating advertising is a big task, and you need to ensure that the content that you are providing is excellent and speaks about your brand effectively. We have a team of content writers who provide exceptional content and will help you at every step in translating the projects for you. With such content, you will be able to reach out to a large number of people across the globe and can present your work effectively. If you are someone who is looking out for translators in this particular field, then we are there to help you out at every stage. We are sure that you will get the best assistance and will get the desired work completed within the specified time limit.

Marketing Translation

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business, especially for those who are starting out new and need a good amount of content for collateral and online advertising. We have a team of qualified professionals who are experienced in translating such kind of content and will help you at every step. Our experts are well aware of the quality translations that go into marketing and provide the best documents after thorough research work. We translate the documents only after we are sure that they would bring value to your organization. So, if you are consistently worried about the marketing translation and need the guidance of established translators in the industry, then we are sure that our services are meat for you. Connect with our team of experts, and you will never be disappointed.

Website Translation and Localization

Translation and localization are two important things that you need to keep in mind when you are handling a website. We have a team of web designers who also provide translation services and will ensure that your website meets the standard of the UAE companies. Our services are extraordinary as we pay attention to every little detail of your website and provide solutions that would be suitable for your company’s standards. We make sure that you save your time and resources while working with us, and for that, we have made sure that you get the best guidance and save money on the go. You can also pass the source files to us so that we translate your website efficiently. Connect with our team today so that you can get the best services under the guidance of experts.

Take our legal translation services today!

At Al Syed, we are consistently working to make the legal translation process faster for our clients. Legal translation is not easy and requires the expertise of professional translators who are trained in this field and can provide accurate documents within the stipulated time. If you are seeking translation services in Deira and need expert guidance, then we are here to help you out at every step. We provide high-quality legal translation services at competitive rates and will get your job done with complete perfection. Feel free to contact us at any time to get the legal translation work done at a faster rate. We are highly competitive and provide our clients with the best quality documents that have worth in the industry and will earn your laurels.