During covid-19 Impossible became
Possible: ASLT CEO

P o s t  C o v i d- 19  :  C o r p o r a t e  C o m e b a c k

Translating the pulse
of the nation

challenges during the
pandemic lockdown,
Al Syed Legal Translation
continued to provide
essential services through
innovative methods

As the UAE begins to leap ahead on its business continuity strategy, many sectors in the country have jumped to the opportunity, – thanks to government support and people confidence.
Dubai is slowly bouncing back to normalcy and as international businesses continue expand in the emirates, the demand for specialised services also grows. Due to the massive development in Dubai on a global scale, and many foreign companies and brands joining the market, the need for one another service became glaringly important. Professional translation services are essential in a multicultural set-up today across many countries and Dubai is no exception.
Accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice, and recognised by the UAE’s Land Departments, Naturalization and Residency Departments, Municipalities,

DMCC, Free Zones, Courts, Public Prosecution Departments, Police, Traffic authorities like the RTA, Embassies, Consulates, Notary Public and many more, Al Syed Legal Translation has made its place among the top legal translation services providers in Dubai and across the UAE. Syed Khurram Shahid, Chief Executive Officer of Al Syed Legal Translation, speaks about what makes the company one of the top translation service providers in the country and its business continuity strategy during and post Covid-19 era.
Offering a wide spectrum of translation services for over 350 languages, Shahid said that the team of diverse skill set at Al Syed Legal Translation is equipped to handle many different types of projects – medical, legal, technical, commercial, to name a few but we have experience with a variety of other, specialised fields. “This is what gives us our edge in this, very competitive market.”
The CEO added, “Our goal was always to provide our customers with reliable services that is easy and convenient. We identified a way to improve that convenience for our clients by offering the first ever mobile translation office. Throughthis service, a client can contact us about a translation project, and our team will arrive at the designated address and handle


Our goal was always to
provide our customers with
reliable services that is easy
and convenient. We identified a
way to improve that
convenience for our clients by
offering the first-ever mobile
translation office.

the required work on the spot. This kind of doorstep translation service is perfect for businesses that need to act fast and manage their projects immediately. This means no need for personal visits to our office – we assess the problem on the spot and resolve it for our clients.” This forward thinking and customer engagement initiative has worked well for Al Syed Legal Translation who continued to provide doorstep services as the city was gripped under the lockdown and social distancing was maintained. Explaining about how the mobile translation works, Shahid said that the first step is for the clients to contact the team via website and the translation will be handled by a certified team. The CEO also men-


Syed Khurram Shahid
Chief Executive Officer
Al Syed Legal Translation

tioned that, currently under development, ASLT — Legal Translation App will be available soon on both Google Play Store and Apple Store.
“In the next step, our team arrives at the designated location with a dedicated translator on board. The client can track the location of the mobile van in real-time via the app currently available on our website. This saves the client’s time on commutes and provides on-the-spot legal translation in Dubai for them. In addition, we have a designated happiness consultant in our mobile office to help the client understand the process of legal translation.
“Not every certified translation in UAE works the same, as it depends a lot on what kind of legal document we are working on and where exactly the authorised official translation will be used at. Our sworn translation has contributed the largest local and expatriate community of UAE, in translating their individual and corporate customers, as part of their submission to UK, USA, Canada and many other immigration support countries. Al Syed Legal

Translation also helped international communities to convert their foreign driving license into UAE license through our approved certified translation into Arabic. So he’s there to help familiarise the client with the process,” Shahid stated.
Lastly, legal translators in the field are connected to the Al Syed e-system to get assistance if required. “It’s not a one man job. This is why all the information is processed through the Al Syed e-system to give the client full insight into the translation process and ensure the quality of the result.”
To build a successful organisation, Shahid added that there are no shortcuts: “The only way to become a successful translation company is to have a good reputation, and this takes time and effort. Keep at it, be diligent, realistic with scheduling and deadlines, and success will follow.”

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Accredited by Ministry of justice and ministry of Foreign Affairs,
AI syed legal Translation rolled-out the world’s first purpose-build
mobile offices for instant certified official legal translation services, in
line with COVID-19 health and safety priorities,’Stay Safe , Stay
Home’. Thereby, ASLT’s legal Translators can visit for location in
state-of-the-art portable offices, instantaneously providing legal
translation in more than 350+ language pairs.

How to use the Service:

ASLT-Legal Translation App
Launching Soon

  • Simple call 800-73784237
  • Instanttly the mobile office travels to the place shared by the customer
  • A customer happiness center consultant will be available to help process the required service
  • Legal Transkators at your doorstaep vehicles are connected to the e-system of AI Syaed Legal Translation

Additional Services(Amid COVID-19)

  • Voice Over & Dubbing
  • Remote Audio/Video Interpreting
  • Translation(Audio/Video)
  • Subtitling/Captioning
  • Attestation from all over the world
  • PRO and Business COnsulting

Our fields of Specialization:

  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Religion
  • Automotive
  • Travel/Tourism
  • Medical
  • Marketing
  • Entertainment
  • Food/Beverages
  • 200+ fields of enpertise

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ASLT is the world leader in providing the translation for over 250+ languages.


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