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An effective communication system is core of any business when it comes to exploring the international markets and requires proper translation and interpretation to be effective. And Al Syed legal Translation services are known to do precisely that. Among 100s of languages, the company provides top quality Spanish to Arabic Translation in Dubai and vice versa.

Spanish is one of the few languages that the Immigration Department Β allows to be directly legally translated into Arabic when most languages have to be legally translated into English first. Our team of experienced and highly qualified Spanish translators and interpreters are known to help our clients convey their message successfully to the Spanish speaking audience. There are two kinds of Spanish-Arabic Legal Translations in the UAE naming;

  • The Legal Translation of documents issued abroad

  • The Lawful Translation of documents issued in the UAE

Al Syed legal Translation pride itself in providing both the translations with 100% Certified Legal Translation by TOP Rated Professional Translators and Highly Experienced Interpreters. Al Syed legal Translation offers Spanish to English, English to Spanish, and Arabic to Spanish translation services for all sectors and all sorts of document.

A blend of quality, accuracy, and authenticity has driven our translation agency to rank #1 legal translation Services Company in Dubai and deliver excellence that has been maintained throughout since its inception.

We Provide Professional Spanish to Arabic Translation for

  • Accredited Legal Translation services

  • Technical Translation

  • Commercial Translation

  • Medical Translation

  • Website Translation & localization

  • Marketing and Advertising Translation Services

  • Media Translation Service

  • Technical Documents Translation Service

  • Food and Beverage Translation

And include

  • Liaison Interpreting

  • Consecutive Interpreting

  • Simultaneous Interpreting

  • Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Wide-Range of Translation Services

Our services include translation in Dubai & other UAE states, including legal translation, transcription, interpreting, document translation, medical translation, subtitling, and localization services across a total of 100 languages with particular expertise in legal, financial, medical, technical and life sciences translation services.

Professional Russian Legal Translation In Dubai

You have legal documents such as contracts, certificates, or lawsuits in the Spanish language; our Company offers authentic sworn Spanish legal translation for court matters (duly accredited by the Dubai Courts, Spanish Embassy & the Immigration department of UAE).

Widely Accepted Translation Services

Our company is aware of all the conventional authentication chains and is in touch with the relevant institutions, both in the UAE and in the country of origin, being Spain or another Spanish speaking country around the world. Al Syed legal Translation services are supported by all major departments in the UAE and Dubai. Below are few examples;

  • All Free Zone in the UAE

  • Dubai courts

  • Ministry of Education

  • Dubai Export Development Corporation (DEDC or EDC)

  • Dubai Finance Department

  • Dubai Government Human Resources Department

  • Dubai Government Workshop

  • Department of Economic Development.

  • Department of Finance UAE

  • Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS)

So, next time you are seeking Spanish to Arabic translation in Dubai, you know Al Syed legal Translation is the place to turn because out Certified Translators love to translate any Legal Document into any Language and offer translation and interpretation services in Dubai & all around UAE.

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