Al Syed Film Translation & Subtitling Services In Dubai

Film Translating and Subtitling Experts in Dubai

  • Al Syed Legal Translation (ASLT) is a household name when it comes to providing top quality film translation and film subtitling services in the heart of Dubai. Al Syed Legal Translation in Dubai provides these services in a diverse set of languages.
  • Al Syed Legal Translation in Dubai prides itself on providing professional services to its clients in over 200 languages. Services such as captioning, transcription, voice dubbing, and film subtitling, which are the bread and butter of media houses and production companies.
  • Media companies, production houses, and independent creatives no longer need to spend hours transcribing their videos and films – our experts at ASLT will handle the task for you.
  • You can confidently rely on the experts at ASLT who will not only save you your precious time but also go the extra mile to ensure that your vision for your project translates well into the end product through flawlessly completing this tedious work.

Film Translations & Subtitling Services In Over 200+ Languages

Al Syed Legal Translation in Dubai comprises a well-trained and highly qualified staff that is an expert at its craft. Entrusting these professionals with your work means you can sit back and relax as they breathe new life to your projects.

Our team of diverse native speakers at ASLT is well versed in the art of subtitling, transcription, and film translation. They can easily provide subtitling and film translation services for your projects from languages including Arabic, English, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Farsi, and German among others.

Media projects are a creative endeavor and have a special significance for their producers. At ASLT, you can rest assured that these projects will be delivered in a flawless, accurate, and error-free manner.

We Handle All Types Of Films

Al Syed Legal Translation in Dubai is not just a renowned name in providing legal translations but also well-known for providing specialized services such as film translation and film subtitling services in Dubai. Professionals at ASLT have the knowledge and expertise in handling all sorts of films and media projects.

These projects are not limited to any genre of film production; ASLT will expertly transcribe and translate film genres including Drama, Documentaries, Short Films, Cartoons, Adventure, Animation, and many more.

Film subtitling comprises two components namely transcription and captioning. The transcription and captioning have to be perfect for the subtitling to be of meaningful quality. At ASLT, our team of native speakers, who are expert translators, transcribe and then scientifically caption the films and videos. The trust of television networks, independent producers, and multimedia companies such as Dubai Media City and Dubai Studio City is ASLT’s biggest achievement.

Voice-Over, Voice Dubbing & Much More

Al Syed Legal Translation in Dubai also boasts a qualified team of male and female voice over and voice dubbing artists at the top of their game. Add to this, the state-of-the-art recording studios provide the perfect environment to produce top-quality voice dubbings that are suited to the needs of the script and the project at hand.

Studios and media companies such as Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, and Dubai Production City have all benefited from these top-quality services from Al Syed Legal Translation in Dubai.

Translation in Dubai has become a necessity, particularly because it’s a gateway between the east and west. An amalgamation of communities interlocked by diverse cultures, ASLT prides itself on catering to this diverse audience providing translation and transcription services in over 200 languages.

Moreover, the mobile office service offered by Al Syed Legal Translation in Dubai for our clients, is a cherry on top as they can avail these services in the comfort of their homes/offices. The exclusivity in services is what makes ASLT the best choice for every type of translation in Dubai.