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ASLT is proud to introduce itself in providing all types of translations in more than 500+ fields of expertise, with 100% guarantee of accurate and perfect translation. We are the largest team of highly-specialized translators, who ensure production of high-quality and professional translation in accordance with their know-how and skills.

Why should you choose Legal, medical, technical & other specialized translators for implementing all types of translations?

If you just know a language which is not quiet enough for your specialized knowledge on the language unless you donโ€™t obtain degrees and gain enough experience in your specific fields, we may be fully confident on our mother language but we cannot say that we are 100% perfect and have complete knowledge about it, because we use only simple wordings in our common life.

If you just know a foreign language itโ€™s not considered to be acceptable without having specialized language degrees and experience in their specific fields. Itโ€™s a matter of fact that a text must be understood before it is subject to be translated.
Translators translate from a foreign language into their mother tongue. In other words, a translator should ideally be a native speaker of the language he/she is translating into. Somebody may possess excellent bi-lingual skills, but hiring his/her as a translator is a sure-fire recipe for disaster in translation, unless he/she is also an expert in his/her field.

In consideration thereof, you can see some of our specialized categories stated hereunder:

1- Legal Translation (Law, Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Contracts, Taxation, Customs)
2- Certificates, Diplomas, CVs, Licenses etcโ€ฆ
3- Medical Translation 4-Technical Translation 5-Accounting/Finance
6-Travel Tourism 7-Marketing 8-Science/Technology
9- Engineering 10-Agricultural 11-Aviation/Aerospace
12-Construction 13-Media/Advertising 14-Education
15-Food/Dairy 16-Real Estate 17-Telecommunications
18-Automotive (Cars/Trucks) 19-Human Resources 20- IT-Information Technology
21- Investments/Securities 22-Govermnet/Politics 23- Printing/Publishing
24- Religion 25-Children Books 26-Website translation
500+ Other categories


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