Are you in need of a professional French interpreters in Dubai? Look no further since we are the leading provider of professional interpretation services in Dubai. Our interpreters have trained in the best linguistic schools in the world and experienced the social and cultural lifestyles of both worlds hence they boast native like proficiency in both languages. We empathize quality and professionalism and our team comprises of pre-selected, top in the market staff to ensure that our clients hire the best interpreters.

As French interpreters in Dubai, we are set apart by our rich experience, service quality and affordable costs.  We are well versed in simultaneous, consecutive, whispering and liaison interpretation techniques making our services relevant in numerous public and private discourses – court rooms, hospitals and business level face to face conversations:

i)  Simultaneous Interpreting:

We do simultaneous interpretation for large audiences like in meetings and conferences. This type of interpretation, though commonly referred to as “simultaneous” isn’t so per se. Simultaneous interpretation involves listening and interpreting almost simultaneously. Basically, the interpreter, who sits in a soundproof room somewhere has to listen to a whole sentence before interpreting. The sound is transmitted via microphone to the interpreter and relayed back to the delegates through individual headsets.

To ensure the best standards, we provide at least two French interpreters who each interpret for 15-30 minutes each. They are highly trained in order to carry out the tasks seamlessly.

ii)  Consecutive Interpreting:

We provide consecutive interpretation services to small groups – question and answer sessions, presentations, speeches, press conferences, conference calls, court hearings, and interviews for which they best suited. In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter takes notes as the speaker speaks. The Interpretation is then rendered once the speaker has finished or at various appropriate intervals in the course of the speech. This style of interpretation requires very good memory as well as note taking skills. Unlike Simultaneous Interpretation, no special transmission equipment is needed here.

iii) Whispering Interpreting:

Also known as ‘chuchotage’, this type of interpreting is effective where one or two people do not understand the source language. We recommend this service for small meetings, one-to-one dialogue, social events, tours and walking visits. The interpreter sits next to the participant in the meeting and simultaneously interprets the speaker’s words in a low tone.

iv)  Liaison Interpretation

This type of Interpretation is suitable when translating to an individual or a small group. It is similar to consecutive translation except that the interpretations are after a much shorter time and are done sentence by sentence. The interpreter sits next to the participants and it is recommended that the speaker takes longer breaks and utters shorter sentences while speaking for the interpreter to follow without omissions.

Fully Managed Interpretation services.

Our translation team is also revered for profound mastery of communication, listening and interpersonal skills as well as for their conciseness, attributes which make the best interpreters. As part of our French interpretation services in Dubai, we offer additional services including bilingual concierge for French businessmen and tourist during meetings, shopping and in hotels. Whether it is an event or a private meeting, we will arrange a fully managed language service and all the language-related needs of the project or event to ensure consistency across materials, to fully cater for your guests and to ensure that everyone enjoys and benefits from the event.

Best in Dubai

Whether you need judicial, escort, conference, public sector or medical interpretation, we are the guys to go to for the best French translation services in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.