Al Syed translation and document processing company is a one stop centre to ease your day to day business in Dubai and the UAE. You don’t need to worry about your document processing, AL Syed document processing services will help right from setting up a business in Dubai to the visa processing of your staff and family.
We offer quality and professional consultation in the following fields;

  • Business set-up, certificate verification, labor works, immigration works, medical, family visa, visit visa etc.
  • Al syed services give rapid processing of immigration related visa application, sale deeds, power of Attorney, online services for various departments among others.
  • Our approved translation services give full translation of documents, complaints, agreements, Quotations, MOUs etc
  • Dubai driving license validation latter


  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Experience certificate
  • Transfer certificate
  • Media certificate/report
  • Police clearance certificate (PCC)
  • Degree certificate
  • Diploma certificate
  • Provisional certificate
  • Private Diploma
  • Marriage certificate or divorce papers
  • Power of Attorney
  • Affidavits
  • Company documents.

Visa application process is at your door steps with AL Syed ,we process the following services;

  • Affidavit for sponsor dependents
  • Declaration (affidavit ) to apply passport for children
  • Change of address
  • Passport lieu of lost
  • New passport for newborn baby
  • Passport renewal
  • ECNR change of name
  • Spouse name endorsement
  • Driving license attention
  • Servants travel documents
  • NRI certificates
  • Employment contracts for unskilled labor sponsored by a company

You will find much more helpful services to you than you can imagine. The list below consists of services specially designed to make your work even easier;

  • Online health card renewal
  • Municipality online portal service for contractors and engineers
  • Industrial license online registration /renewal
  • Memorandum of understanding (mou)
  • Business sales agreement
  • Typing of research thesis for university students
  • Power of Attorney
  • Local service agent contract
  • Business partnership contract and supplement agreements
  • E-qualification registration for contract/consultant suppliers
  • LLC Amendments and share sales Agreement
  • PRO service
  • Ejari (Tenancy Contract online Registration)
  • Side agreement protecting investors


  • Scanning
  • Photocopy
  • Color copy/print
  • Fax & E-mail service
  • Rubberstamp making
  • Spiral Binding
  • Lamination

We also provide additional services that maybe of some benefit to your company, such as payments of bills, P.O. Box set-up, etc. and we can ensure you that company utility bills are paid to the relevant authorities.

In the UAE, everything you do has a paper trail, which means you have to fill in and process various applications and forms at every stage of each procedure. It’s a hassle because your time is valuable. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just appoint a representative to handle all the paperwork and processes on your behalf?

ASTS offers you the flexibility of outsourcing all the long procedures for obtaining businesses licenses, legal documents, visas and much more. We undertake application preparing, submission, follow-up and completion processes whenever you need the assistance. We accept both corporate level and personal PRO work.

As a professional services company, we are able to help you with obtaining employment visas, family residency visas, business license renewals/modifications, company documents such as labor computer card and immigration card, employee labor cards and more. We have excellent business relationships with the Department of Naturalization & Residency (DNRD), Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOL), Department of Economic Development (DED) and all other relevant government institutions.

So, youre always guaranteed great services with quick response times for all your PRO needs.