Interpretation Services


Events, conferences and trade shows are now truly international affairs with exhibitors and visitors travelling from all over the world to attend and network with their industry peers.

If your event is to attract this type of visitor clearly all your promotional material from the booking information leaflets to the event website need to be translated into languages of your target visitors. Getting this translation right and on message is what our specialized translators are excellent at. So if your event is the annual tractor fair or an international finance summit, we can ensure that your translated information is perfect for that audience.

But What do You do When Your International Visitors Arrive?

Your international visitors will, of course, want to get the most from the conference and this will include speaking to the exhibitors and other attendees. This is where ASTS’s interpreting services can help you create a whole visitor experience.

Conference Interpreters

Your keynote speakers are the jewels in the crown of your exhibition or show. Your visitors have traveled a long way to hear them speak. The last thing you want to do is to put anything in the way of having that speech talked about and reported for a long time after the event. Our highly qualified interpreters will ensure that each and every word is being conveyed to your audience, whether they are interpreting in front of the speech or are delivering the interpretation from a booth.

Appointments and Meetings with Instant Interpreters

Your event can really stand out from the crowd by allowing your visitors, of whatever nationality to be able hold meetings at your conference in their native languages.

*All of which are guaranteed to be accepted by any government or non-governmental organization in the UAE or globally.

Simultaneous interpretation is a service most popular amongst corporate clients and large organizations. This is due to simultaneous interpreting being frequently used for conferences, large business meetings and smaller business meeting for example board or directors or committee meetings.

ASTS offers a simultaneous interpreting service in Dubai for situations involving large and small audiences. Whether a foreign delegate’s speech needs to be interpreted for a large crowd or just whispered to some people or an individual, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our large simultaneous interpreting group services are available to conferences and large meetings. In a large group setting, our simultaneous interpreting services are tailored to your individual needs. We have the expertise and the equipment to ensure your conference or meeting operates smoothly.

ASTS provides interpreters for consecutive and simultaneous interpretation on business events, meetings, training seminars etc., and helps them prepare for the assignment by sharing all available background materials and terminology resources.

Many of our interpreters are also translators, meaning that if you use ASTS for translating your documents, we can assign interpreters for your events who have participated in translation and are familiar with your products, services and terminology. This ensures speaking with your voice in other languages on important meetings and events, as well as in the related press releases and promotional materials.


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