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Translation in Dubai

ASLT #1 Legal Translation Dubai Company. Certified by Ministry of Justice, ISO, MOFA, MOE, UAE Embassies and Courts.

Al Syed Legal Translation Dubai is an ISO certified translation agency in Dubai. It’s also duly licensed by the Ministry of Justice of UAE. So, legal translation by Al Syed Legal Translation is accepted with guarantee. Furthermore, our legal translation is accepted as proof in Ministries and embassies such as:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Justice

  • French Embassy

  • Czech Embassy

  • Slovak Embassy

Our certified translation is also widely accepted and recognized by:

  • UAE courts

  • Free Zones

  • Dubai Land Department

  • Roads and Transport Authority

All other government offices and embassies in UAE.

Al Syed Legal Translation in Dubai
All Services at one place.

If you’re looking for high quality native voice dubbing then you’re on right place. ASLT have a top rated native translator, interpreters and voice dubbing specialist in almost each language of the world. So we’re happy to inform you that we’d worked with small startups to enterprise level companies even with UAE government departments.Voice dubbing

Subtitling / Captioning  is one of our most demanding services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE.

Al Syed Legal Translation also offers all type of services / consultations about your new company/ business setup in Dubai, Abu Dhbai, Sharjah, Ajman and all states of UAE. Following are our all Services:BUSINESS SETUP & PRO

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Why is Al Syed Legal Translation the no.1 translation company in Dubai?

Al Syed Legal Translation was established in the year 2007. Since then, our prime focus is to offer legal translation with high-quality and competitive-rates. Thanks to our dedicated team of professional translators, who work quite hard to ensure top-notch translation services in timely-manner. They perform remarkable duties and responsibilities to get your job done with 100% perfection.

Translation in Dubai by Al Syed Legal Translation is an ultimate choice of our supreme clients.

Legal Translation Dubai Al Barsha 1
Emirates Tower

Al Syed Legal Translation is also a certified translation services company in Dubai.

ASLT Translation in Dubai scores and emerges as #1 for legal translation Dubai. We’re committed to provide customized legal translation at your doorstep. ASLT has accomplished numerous large scale legal translation projects. So, we’ve got the great achievements in our services. We’re a highly resourceful team of top qualified and practiced certified legal translators. They’re approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Justice in Dubai.

We’re a leading and renowned certified legal translation company in the Middle East, Dubai, UAE.

What is legal translation?

Legal translation offers certified translation for many documents. They include files, records, and documents to deliver to agencies and departments. Our trained translators, authorized by the Ministry of Justice, perform the legal translation. This type of translator can go by several different names or titles. These tiles are legal, certified, sworn, and official translator. In addition, they‘re also sponsored by a translation company in Dubai, UAE. They’re required to pass a test held at Ministry of Justice.

If they pass, they’ll be declared certified experts. After the exam, translators are sworn in an oath taking conference. Once completed, they’ll be given a certified card. Then, they can perform legal translations for any translation company in Dubai. When legally certified translators perform any translation, it accredits all over Dubai. This changes the status of any translation office to a legal translation company. The Ministry of Justice also supports that translation company.

Format of legal translation provided by Al Syed Legal Translation:

  1. Al Syed Legal Translation produces sworn translation in legal translation in Dubai company letterhead.
  2. Both source and target files are attached together as one set.
  3. The entire set consisting of two or more pages is then sealed and signed with legal stamp of Al Syed Legal Translation.

How to get your legal translation by ASLT?

Legal translation through ASLT is simple and safe process:

  1. Send your inquiry by email ([email protected])
  2. Attach your document (PDF, JPG, DOCX, or any other format)
  3. Note the two languages for the translation. They can be, for example, English, French or Russian to Arabic.
  4. State the preferred deadline, for example, urgent or one day.
  5. Our expert translators receive the enquiry. Then, they’ll provide a quote as soon as possible.
  6. If you’re satisfied with the quote, we’ll begin the legal translation.
  7. Once your job is completed, we’ll notify by email or phone. We’ll discuss about collection plan. You’ll receive a certified and certified copy of the translation.

Visiting Hours:

9 a.m – 6 p.m Sunday – Thursday

11 a.m – 4 p.m Saturday

Closed Friday

Customer happiness is our utmost primacy:

Do you face any problem on our behalf? Contact us, we’ll provide remedy right away to the best of our expertise. Your pleasure is our main concern.

For complaints and suggestions:

[email protected]

Why you need to get certified legal translation in Dubai, UAE?

This type of translation is done to use in any of the following departments or ministries:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Justice

  • Land Department

  • DMCC

  • RAK Free Zone

  • Ajman Free Zone

  • Sharjah Free Zone

And many other government departments and ministries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman.

After the official translation in Arabic, you’re good to process your documents perfectly.

The Best Legal Translation Dubai

Translation in Dubai (hereinafter referred to as “AL SYED LEGAL TRANSLATION”/ “ASLT”) is one of the best legal translation companies in Dubai, providing 100% quality legal translation services . “ASLT” is largely known and has proven to be the #1 sworn translation services company in Dubai in record time as a result of its continuous and consistent performance in 100% accurate and perfect translation. ASLT greatly contributes to its enablement in producing sworn translation duly accredited by the Ministry of Justice of UAE and ISO Certified 9001:2015, thenceforth providing Ministry of Justice approved official translation services from English to Arabic and different other language pairs.

Do you know Al Syed Legal Translation is officially based in JLT and licensed by the DMCC:

JLT (Jumeirah Lakes Towers) is a very popular business hub in Dubai, organized in 26 clusters, each cluster is a group of 3 towers. JLT is a combination of high-end residential and business communities in Dubai. The official authority supervising and issuing the licenses for business activities in JLT is DMCC which was established in 2002 by the Government of Dubai, providing the free zone licenses to the local and international businesses. Al Syed Legal Translation also availed the opportunity to become part of this ambitious infrastructure and contribute the best quality translation services in JLT in all domains such as Legal, Medical, Technical, Commercial and more than 100+ fields.

What is the official language of UAE?

Arabic is the official language in the United Arab Emirates. Arabic is a semitic language and according to a study, it is spoken by over 220 million people in the world.

Arabic, the official language of the UAE, is also the language of the Quran. It is categorized into three distinct forms: classical, formal or modern standard and spoken/colloquial (dialect). Its writing system starts from right-to-left.

Arabic is a semitic language and according to a study it is spoken by over 220 million people in the world. It’s also spoken by Arab Christians and Oriental Jews.

Being the official language of the UAE, it is endorsed by law at all government departments including schools, universities, all branches of media including television, radio, newspapers and magazines, besides all written matter like books and documents. Though classical Arabic is not spoken in everyday life, most people speak the colloquial version which varies from country to country but is understood by all.

Most Arabs effortlessly imitate each others dialect because they follow a common Arabic alphabet system but whenever confusion occurs, they refer to the classical version to make themselves more clear.

Why you need Arabic legal translation of document in UAE?

Arabic being the national language of the UAE, is also the language of official departments in the UAE. Therefore, Non-Arabic world communities living or immigrating in UAE are required to get their personal and business related documents to be translated in Arabic language by a certified legal translation company in Dubai, in order to serve their legal or official purposes in the relevant government departments in UAE, which should also get their translation accepted and approved in the relevant authorities such as Dubai immigration, land department or Dubai Court or any other authority in Dubai or UAE.

Therefore, legal translation to Arabic in UAE is one of the fundamental steps to complete your official processes whether it be related to your visa or license process.

Dubai receives immigrants from around the world who come to Dubai in search of jobs, opening new business entities and branch of their local and foreign companies. Whereas, Al Syed Legal Translation welcomes everyone to get legal translation services for any type of document. Therefore, anyone who needs legal translation in order to submit the same in relevant governmental authorities, Al Syed Legal Translation is always here to help you.

  • We’re one of the best translation companies in Dubai when it comes to Arabic legal translation services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. ASLT also offers variety of translation services such as;
  • We provide Legal translation from German, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Czech, Urdu, French, Spanish, Persian to Arabic and more than 200+ language pairs…

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in Arabic for live conferences, events and exhibitions in Dubai

More than 75% world communities in UAE hail from the Non-Arab countries and they speak their native languages. However, Arabic language remains one of the most influential languages, when it comes to interacting with Arab professionals in UAE through the events, conferences and exhibitions happening to be in Dubai on daily basis in numerous conference halls of different hotels and trade venues such as World Trade Center.

For instance, if the event is organized by Dubai government and the attendees of such events are high-level ministers and government officials from UAE and their counterparts are Japanese national, comprising high level government delegates. One of the biggest challenges for the audience appears to be their understanding on the materials of speeches in their native language. If the speaker on the stage is a UAE government official, he would preferably choose to deliver his speech in Arabic language as part of ambitiousness of UAE to keep the influence of Arabic language worldwide as well as in it’s cultural representation. But question arises, how would the Arabic speaker’s speeches be understood by the non-Arabic audience. In order to overcome this issue, we see the intervention of Simultaneous Interpretation Technology that resolves this problem seamlessly and efficiently and we happen to see the use of this technology in Dubai at very large-scale such as corporate, governmental and cultural events and conferences.

Through Simultaneous Interpretation System, an interpretation booth is supposed to be setup in the conference hall and this booth is used to equip the interpreter and the whole technology surrounds him or her. In this process, interpreter receives or collects the voice of the speaker through his interpretation headset and simultaneously understands and translate the voice from Arabic to the language of audience for example Japanese language through a professional Japanese interpreter in the translation booth.

The interpreters who perform this task are supposed to be highly qualified, professionals, skilled and experienced to simultaneously translate the words of the speaker in Japanese without occurring any mistake In the context. This is where Al Syed Legal Translation arts are taken into consideration by quality-oriented clients, as it provides best quality professional interpreters in Dubai and across the UAE.

We provide top level interpreters in Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Turkish and more than 50+ language pairs. In addition, we also rent out world-class ISO certified translation system to our clients based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and all other Emirates.

Therefore, considering the importance and need for Arabic interpretation in Dubai and the whole of UAE, Al Syed Legal Translation began to offer legal translation and interpretation services in Dubai from Arabic to English and English to Arabic as well as in all other language pairs. Al Sayed Legal Translation provides translation and interpretation services in more than 200+ languages of the world. Al Syed Legal Translation is based in Dubai and it is one of the best translation companies in Dubai.

Are you looking for “Translation in Dubai nearby your location”?

The main reason why Translation in Dubai “Al Syed Legal Translation” should be your first choice, simply because it is committed to get your job done with ease and comfort. What makes Al Syed Legal Translation better, is its locations that suits best to most of its clients in Dubai. Al Syed Legal Translation have branches in the most ideal locations of Dubai such as Al barsha, main Sheikh Zayed Road right next to the world trade center , Jumeirah Lakes Towers, JLT, Al Mas Tower.

We have created the opportunity for our customers to personally pay us visit and interact with our professional translation sales coordinators and get their legalized documents after proper review and any modification that may be required at the same time.

In addition, we being in the central locations of Dubai, can be reached anytime in case your translation requires some changes, following which the final printing can be performed. This is why Al Syed Legal Translation in Dubai is just next to your doorstep and contributes to save your time, stress and energy by giving quick access to our locations and get your job done without having any waste of time, stress, energy which in today’s time definitely means a lot, especially in this one of the busiest cities of the world, Dubai.

We have setup our branches in the areas that cut-shorts your travel time and also satisfies you to personally visit one of our branches, verify our legal presence and get your legal translation right here, right away.

Urgent translation services in Dubai

Al Syed Legal Translation is one of the biggest facilitation centers in Dubai, providing urgent and top urgent quality legal translation of documents in Arabic or any other language pair. Sometimes, you may have an appointment in embassy, traveling abroad or attending an event, and you came to realize in last minute that you missed to get the translation of some documents that were mandatory part of the whole process, if you get stuck in any of these situations, you can always remember Al Syed Legal Translation is here to share your burdens and ready to cooperate as much as possible. We have the abilities and capabilities to get your translation done within hours and overnight, so that we could meet the deadline that can help to meet your requirements.

Free of cost delivery

In addition, Al Syed Legal Translation provides deliveries with no additional cost and works round-the-clock on your translation projects.

How do we handle your inquiry?

We are just in a distance of seconds from you, simply dial us to talk over the phone and one of our highly trained translation coordinators will assist you right away. You can also drop us an email, preferably with documents to be attached and specify your requirements in the email text body and you will get our reply very shortly. Alternatively, we also serve the inquiries of our customers through online web chat or whatsapp where our translation services coordinators remain alert and respond you as soon as you ping them.

If you want to visit our office, you can simply set your phone on direction towards Al Syed Legal Translation in JLT or Al Syed Legal Translation in Al Barsha 1 or Al Syed Legal Translation in Main SZR Emirates Tower, and google map will take you to our destinations through your most preferred routes.

Why Translation in JLT?

“Legal Translation in JLT” is largely known as Al Syed Legal Translation in JLT . It can further be divided in two types of translations:

Translation in JLT (For official use)

– Medical, Technical, Financial, Commercial, Marketing, IT and 100+ fields of translations in JLT (For non-official use)

Legal Translation Services in JLT (For official use):

In this type of translation, we take an example of an employee from Spain who have recently been hired by a company in JLT as a senior sales manager and also obtained his degree from a university based in Spain, which means your degree is most likely issued in Spanish language and as per the visa rules and regulations of DMCC, any degree or certificate issued in a language other than Arabic language, must be officially translated in Arabic language by a professional certified legal translation company in JLT, after getting it attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai, following which the legal translation in Arabic shall take into effect. Similarly, Accredited translation in JLT is used for other purposes such as during the formation of a new company, opening a branch of an offshore company, document’s processing in DMCC official authorities, dependant family visa (including maid visa process) among other official procedures in JLT, and we are the best translation service provider in JLT when it comes to achieving such types of translations.

Medical, Technical, Financial, Commercial, Marketing, IT and 100+ fields of translations (For non-official use):

Al Syed Legal Translation in JLT always urges the professional business community in JLT and the whole of UAE, to always carefully check the skills and professional capability and ability of translation companies in JLT, rendering translation of content used for your business purposes. We have 100s of clients reverting back to us after receiving rejectful and regretful quality translation services from the translation companies in JLT. Translation in JLT “ASTS-DMCC” is here to safeguard all its clients and provides state-of-the-art and creative translation services in JLT through it’s most powerful resources comprising a team of highly professional and industry qualified translators in JLT.

Why should Al Syed Legal Translation be chosen for your translation services in JLT:

First of all, Al Syed Legal Translation is among the first official translation company in JLT, registered with DMCC and maintains 100% track record of successful and accepted translation services in the DMCC, all other governmental, ministerial and diplomatic authorities in the UAE and outside the country and secondly, it is ideally located in Al Mas Tower DMCC which is also the center-point for all the visitors, going to the DMCC government department, also situated in Al Mas Tower.

Warning (Beware of spam companies in JLT, not registered)!

We have seen in recent times that couple of websites are offering translation in JLT but unfortunately these websites are not properly registered and licensed by the DMCC and landing the clients in deep legal complications when they receive the translation rejected by the DMCC and other relevant authorities, ultimately creating lot of panic among the clients. Therefore, whether you choose us or any other translation company in JLT, we would like to advise you to properly check the legal status of the website or translation office in JLT.

Therefore, if you are looking for a professional, certified, legal and best translation company in JLT, then look nowhere but only Al Syed Legal Translation, which is 100% committed to remain your trusted partner!

Translation in Dubai “ASLT” is widely known as a company of Certified Translation Services in Dubai. ​We have been providing certified translation services in Dubai from English to Arabic and different other language pairs for varieties of documents since the year 2007.

Below is the list of language pairs in which ASLT provides professional legal translation applicable for attestation purposes by the Ministry of Justice:

Legal translation from French to Arabic and Vice Versa

Legal translation from Turkish to Arabic and Vice Versa

Legal translation from French to Arabic and Vice Versa

Legal translation from Farsi to Arabic and Vice Versa

Legal translation from French to Arabic and Vice Versa

Legal translation from Russian to Arabic and Vice Versa

Legal translation from French to Arabic and Vice Versa

Legal Translation from Chinese to Arabic and Vice Versa

In addition, Translation in Dubai is an approved legal translation office in top governmental / non-governmental, diplomatic, ministerial and other top organizations in and outside the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, if you are or will ever be looking for authenticated translation services in Dubai,we can assure you that you will get the best quality services at all times.

Our Key Features

  • The best choice of the market leaders

  • A team of highly-professional, highly-qualified & well-experienced translators, Interpreters, proofreaders, editors, typesetting … etc.

  • Professional, reliable, punctual, conscientious, sincere, very keen in our work.

  • Available online 24/7, 365 days.

  • Special rates & quick services.

  • Free Pickup & Delivery throughout the UAE.
  • Urgent Basis & On Time.
  • Provides translation in more than 200+ language pairs

  • Available to translate from 1 to 1,000,000 words simultaneously

  • No hidden charges are included!
  • We provide the best Services You Can Trust, and Prices You Can Afford.

We’re specialized in Legal Translation in Dubai and also around the World is product of Al Syed Legal Translation [ ASLT ] is one of the largest,  leading translation companies, in the Middle East, and across the globe, with its main office in Dubai, UAE. The company boasts, a team of highly-professional, highly-qualified and extensively experienced translators and interpreters, who hold post-graduate Ph.D. and Master’s degrees every conceivable specialized field and translate between more than 200+ languages.

As you know Arabic is the official language of United Arab Emirates and mostly Arabic people don’t know other languages of the world except their mother language (Arabic). That’s why we’re offering translation of Arabic to English and also English to Arabic as well. Al Sayed Legal Translation provide translation and interpretation of more than 200 languages of the world. We’re based in Dubai, and Dubai have immigrants around the world in search of Jobs, Services and established business in UAE freezones (tax free area in UAE). Thus everyone who wants to submit Legal documents, must need Legal translation of documents for submission in relevant government departments. We’re one of the most famous English to Arabic Legal Translation Services providing agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well. ASLT offering a variety of translation services in Dubai which are listed below.



Certified By Government


Licensed By U.A.E Govt.
ISO Certified: 9001 -2015


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We protect your identity & secure your information.


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We prove to be the most reliable service provider.


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We provide fast-track services for your convenience.

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