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For these recent years, the Dubai authorities implemented new rules for foreigners or expatriates to follow. One of these changes is the document together with the Visa application. The immigrant authorities are not accepting English document anymore. Before you submit your files, you should hire a translator to translate your legal documents. As of now, Al Syed Translation Service is now offering Armenian to Arabic translation in Dubai. If you are not fluent in the local language, it would not be a problem anymore.

Why do you need Armenian to Arabic legal translation?

Legal document plays a significant role in your status in the country. The accuracy of each text, phrase, and paragraph is essential. A single mistake can lead to a severe problem. To avoid this from happening, you need to take deliberate action, which is to look for the best legal translation company in Dubai. The legal system varies from place to place. What you learned about the law in your former country might be quite different from another.

What are the common mistakes of other legal translators? They sometimes omit the critical phrases that might spare you from different cases. Some of them might misinterpret the work you’ve written. It is vital to look for the company’s background before entrusting your papers, especially if you are going to send it to higher authorities.

More than the local and country’s requirement, having a legal translator can help you to understand the laws and regulations of the state. Before you transfer to another country, you should know the latest constitutions to avoid misconduct. You can ask your translator to translate them for you. Al Syed is offering Arabic to English language, so this would not be a big problem.

Another thing you should look for the best legal translation company is the style of their writing. You can ask for these translators’ portfolio before hiring them to do the work. In this case, you need a native Arabic speaker. Why is that? A translated document must fit the local’s culture, including the colloquial terms used in the country.

What are the departments accepting our legal translation documents?

  • UAE Driving Licensee Authorities

    You still have the freedom to apply for a driver’s license, although you are living as an Armenian expatriate in the country. It is also one way of complying with their law. You need to submit your documents before you become eligible. Birth certificate and other supporting documents are essential before the release. Hire someone to translate your documents from Armenian to Arabic language.

  • Courts in UAE

    Before anything happens, prepare everything you need. As a worker in the country, you might experience unjust behavior, or someone might have complaints against you. The legal translation that we do is under the approval of Courts in UAE. Rest assured, we will be addressing the proper legal terminologies on your documents.

We, as a team, ensure a high-quality and error-free output. You finally found the right place for Armenian to Arabic Translation in Dubai. Send us a quote now!

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